Fit martial arts Raving Testimonial:

The workout is varied and exciting. All three arts are included in each class which creates a great blend of self defense, sport and tradition. The instructors obviously have tremendous skills in their arts and it's impressive to watch them perform!

Tom Connors
46 y.o. Software Engineer
FIT martial arts Raving Testimonial:

I have practiced and studied Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do in the past, but FIT brings a new style and hard hitting approach that builds true confidence with true results!!!

Christopher Grant
20 year old Student, Philadelphia, PA

Raving Testimonial:

"I've been training and teaching martial arts for over 34 years...Training at FIT compliments my own knowledge and skill by giving me a different perspective to what I already do.

The Instructors at FIT are great! They both teach and work with you and really share their background and experience. Training at FIT has kept me challenged and has kept my training from getting boring. Highly recommended!"

Chris Caggiano
52 y.o Project Manager, Collegeville, PA

Fit martial arts Raving Testimonial:

I love training at FIT Martial Arts! FIT has changed me both physically and mentally for the better. The workouts have built up my endurance and stamina. It has also helped me gain confidence and just generally be a better person. The super friendly trainers make you feel right at home and the Muay Thai can be adjusted according to your level of ability!

Josh Pelligrini
19 year old Student, Downingtown, PA

FIT martial arts Raving Testimonial:

The skills I’ve learned (at FIT Martial Arts) are phenomenal! I no longer feel like I am an easy target…I can look at someone in the eye and say, “I can take you…” I feel more confident that I can protect myself—and as a woman, that is very important.

Joanna Cassidy
18 y.o. Temple University Student

FIT martial arts Raving Testimonial:

“They show us real world applications and make sure that all of us understand the purpose of every technique that they show… These guys are the Real Deal and I extremely proud to be a student at FIT Martial Arts!”

Daryl Stevenson
44 y.o., Philadelphia, PA

Raving Testimonial:

 “ Easy to learn, practical and effective…”

“The Southeast Asian martial arts blend beautifully, and the FIT method takes the best of everything and creates a system that is easy to learn, practical, and effective. What I appreciate best is the flexibility of the system which allows for individuality and adaptability".

The emphasis on application separates the FIT method from traditional systems. Almost everyday, "light bulbs" go on. After a 15 year hiatus from martial arts my enthusiasm has been revived .

Michael Yee, M.D.