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Adult Muay Thai Classes (Thai Boxing)
Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced programs available.

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Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated because you are out of shape, loathe conventional forms of exercise, and wish you were more confident that you can take care of yourself in a physical confrontation?


If you’re tired of the gym scene or your same ol’ fitness routine, or just need to get back in shape, it’s time for you to discover the adrenaline rush of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is one of the hottest martial arts on the scene today. At FIT Kickboxing and Martial Arts, we teach you traditional, authentic, time-honored Muay Thai techniques in a safe, fun, and ego-free environment.

We a variety of classes for all skill levels and – yes – beginners are definitely welcome!

It’s The Adrenaline Rush Of A Lifetime …as many times a week as you want!

There’s nothing quite like the rush you get from a Muay Thai workout at FIT Martial Arts.

Imagine the energy, power, and excitement you’ll experience when you learn how to:

  • Throw wicked body-punishing knees
  • Land devastating bone-crushing elbows
  • Attack with vicious nonstop punches and foot thrusts
  • Annihilate with smothering stand-up grappling and clinching
  • Knock out with brutal gut-busting kicks - even master the Venerable Muay Thai round kick!
(And, yes, you can do all that in a totally safe no-contact environment, too. Our punching bags make great body dummies!)

At F.I.T. Martial Arts Academy, you work side-by-side with Top Notch, Professional instructors in our highly-structured classes to learn all the Muay Thai essentials, faster and more effectively than anywhere else. In fact, most other schools that offer “Muay Thai” are simply teaching basic karate kickboxing with some elbow and knees thrown in! These schools focus up to 70% of their classes on simple conditioning classes you can do at home!

Not at FIT Martial Arts! Our classes are packed with tons of instruction. Our Trainers will guide you step by step and show you exactly what you need to do to develop an impenetrable defense, tremendous punches, crippling kicks and other cool stuff that will give you power, confidence, and respect from others.

You’ll watch your skill levels SOAR almost overnight… and while you’re at it, you’ll also get in the best shape of your life.

We are committed to equipping you with all the right tools, techniques, and training fundamentals to turn you into an indomitable Muay Thai fighter.

FIT martial arts Raving Testimonial:

I have practiced and studied Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do in the past, but FIT brings a new style and hard hitting approach that builds true confidence with true results!!!

Christopher Grant
20 year old Student
Philadelphia, PA

"Muay Thai techniques are so powerful that professional mixed martial arts fighters all over the world are scrambling to master them."

"Muay Thai techniques are so powerful that professional mixed martial arts fighters all over the world are scrambling to master them." These professional fighters are training in Muay Thai because it WORKS. The fact is that if you don’t know these techniques, your fighting ability not up to snuff and there is a serious, gaping hole in your ability to handle yourself. If you are serious about your fighting ability, YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS ART.

How would you like the fantastic fitness level, confidence, power, security and respect that comes from practicing the fantastic martial art of Muay Thai - the martial art that is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the best fighting systems around.

Raving Testimonial:

"I've been training and teaching martial arts for over 34 years...Training at FIT compliments my own knowledge and skill by giving me a different perspective to what I already do.

The Instructors at FIT are great! They both teach and work with you and really share their background and experience. Training at FIT has kept me challenged and has kept my training from getting boring. Highly recommended!"

Chris Caggiano
52 y.o Project Manager
Collegeville, PA

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A Total Body Workout …a brand new you from the inside and out!

Muay Thai isn’t only a timeless martial art – it’s also a fantastic workout. So, if you’ve never done a Muay Thai session, you’re in for an awesome surprise.

Our classes offer some of the most challenging and intense workouts you will ever experience… and they’re actually really fun, too!

No matter your current fitness level, you’re guaranteed to see a mind-blowing increase in your stamina, balance, strength, and overall cardio fitness.

Check out some of the other whole-body benefits you’ll gain:
  • Tone all your muscle groups rapidly
  • Reduce your stress levels dramatically
  • Increase your focus and concentration
  • Develop radically improved flexibility
  • Burn unwanted body fat – even blast away those stubborn extra pounds!
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Extreme As You Want To Be …get FIT without getting hit!

If you’ve always wanted to try Muay Thai, but weren’t quite sure you like the whole ‘getting hit’ idea, we’ve got the solution for you.

At FIT Martial Arts, sparring is always optional. So, you can learn the same killer techniques, get the same supercharged workout, and be just as extreme… but you’ll practice your skills on Heavy bags, Thai Pads and focus mitts not your classmates.

Believe us – beating up on a bag is just as rewarding… and – best of all – they never punch back!

We understand that not everyone wants to be a competitive fighter, but you don’t have to be an Ultimate Fighter to train like one!

However, for those of you who want to take it to the next level, consider trying out for our Fight Team which participates in local, regional and national events.

Fit martial arts Raving Testimonial:

I love training at FIT Martial Arts! FIT has changed me both physically and mentally for the better. The workouts have built up my endurance and stamina. It has also helped me gain confidence and just generally be a better person. The super friendly trainers make you feel right at home and the Muay Thai can be adjusted according to your level of ability!

Josh Pelligrini
19 year old Student
Downingtown, PA

[Josh Pelligrini]

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Experience Not Necessary. …beginners are always welcomed!

At FIT Martial Arts, experience is absolutely not necessary! That’s what we’re here for – to give you the experience you’re looking for!

But, we see it every day: individuals who have always wanted to try a martial arts, but for one reason or another just never did.

They were afraid that everybody else would know more, or would pick up the skills faster, or were just plain ol’ tougher than them.

The fact is everybody, including you, has to start somewhere. That’s why we developed a curriculum that allows everybody to participate.

We cater to students of all fitness levels and ages, including men and women, boys and girls, those who are tall or short, thin and “not so thin,” as well as those with a full range of physical abilities and disabilities.

A good attitude and a commitment to yourself is all you’ll need to enjoy the rewarding benefits of Muay Thai at FIT Kickboxing and Martial Arts!

“The class is fast-paced and there's a high energy level … The atmosphere is very friendly and the students encourage and help each other.”

– Tom Connors, Audubon, PA

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You Deserve Only The Best …train with Top Notch Instructors in a Proven, Champion Building System of Muay Thai

myay thai
FIT Martial Arts Academy is the ONLY authentic Muay Thai Academy in the area.
Additionally, we are proud members of the Muay Thai International Association which is recognized by the Royal Thai Government and headed by Grandmaster Thosaphon Sitawatjana (Grandmaster Toddy). We teach his proven SYSTEM that has created over 40 Muay Thai Champs to date!

But, it’s our instructors that truly set us apart.

Our instructors are Certified Muay Thai teachers—The Thai people refer to us as “Kru”. We are genuinely committed to helping you achieve all your goals as we teach you the core principles of Muay Thai in a fun and safe environment. From the second you walk in the door and you’re greeted with a smile, you’ll know that our Academy and our instructors are something special. We operate as a martial arts team and as a family, so we always make sure to take care of each other, and hopefully soon that will include you.

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Come See What Everybody’s Talking About …your first session is FREE!

Our master instructors are waiting to work one-on-one with you to teach you everything you know to become a powerful Muay Thai practitioner… and to get you in the best shape of your life… all while having a blast!

At FIT Kickboxing and Martial Arts, you’re going to learn Muay Thai from the best instructors in the area in an ego-free atmosphere of respect and fun.

So, if any of the following sounds great to you, we want to see you soon!

  • Learn how to deliver kicks with destructive precision and power - like a Louisville Slugger on steroids!
  • Discover how to harness total inner strength to execute demoralizing strikes with perfect form and technique!
  • Find out how to rain down a thunderstorm of slashing, chopping, and slapping bombs on your opponent.
  • Reach new heights of fitness and overall health that you never dreamed were possible.
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In addition, when you sign up now, you will also get:

1. Pair of Thai Boxing Handwraps (a $10.00 value)
Use this fabulous resource to get started on your Muay Thai journey right away.
2. Academy Uniform Shirt (a $25 value)
4. Personal Training with one of our Qualified Instructors ($75 value)
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P.S. Don’t forget – we offer classes for all levels – from the total beginner to the most advanced. So, make today the day you go extreme!

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