Muay Thai for Kids

We understand that younger students have a shorter attention span. That's why our unique children's program implements interesting, enjoyable methods to maintain students' attention and teach our young students skills they can use for life.

The children's training program is specifically designed not to promote aggressive behavior, in fact, we strongly promote non-violent resolutions to conflict using creative methods that help children to explore and understand conflict through role-play and group exercises.

Students will learn confidence, self-discipline and self-control as they learn how to act and react to the world around them. Our award-winning STAR program makes it easy for them to learn these important core values and develop positive character traits while teaching them the value of setting and achieving goals.

We believe in praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. Our young students are treated with respect and are taught to return the same respect to others. We also have incentives for good academic report cards and students must maintain good academic grades for promotion to a higher rank.
Health and Fitness

Age Appropriate Development Strategies

Kids need exercise to grow up healthy and happy, and because children develop so quickly they need programs geared specifically toward their age. We are experts at child fitness and understand stages of development for children. All of our classes are broken down to be age appropriate so that each child gets what they need to succeed.


Learning one's left from right can be tough! As your child grows, we help him or her develop balance and fine motor coordination and put them on the road to good fitness habits for a healthy life. Developing one's body goes hand in hand with developing one's mind. Children who have an edge in motor skills development tend to feel more socially at ease and excel in school. We use a unique approach involving educational games to build skills and fitness so your child will not only develop physically and mentally, they will enjoy doing it.

Healthy Lifestyle Curriculum

We want to instill healthy habits for life; that's why we teach children how to make healthy habits and how to stick to them. We teach all the "hows" and "whys" of healthy nutrition and proper exercise habits to keep them fit, while teaching positive core values through our patented STAR program.



Inclusive Teaching

Let's face it, team sports are not for everyone, but martial arts are unique in their ability to involve all children, not just those with particular athletic prowess. In our program no one sits on the bench. We allow each child to be a champion in their own right. Not only will they be able to excel in an athletic activity, but they will gain a valuable skill for life.


No-Nonsense Techniques

Muay Thai is the most practical way to teach young kids to protect themselves. We do not use flowery techniques or impractical forms. Our system emphasizes only realistic techniques for personal protection.

Stranger Safety

We teach children how to avoid dangerous situations, as well as the best ways to deal with an assault or attempted abduction. Who doesn't want to know that their child is street smart and stranger safe?


Bully Proof Your Child

Wouldn't you love to see your child stand up for themselves without using violence? To know that your child has unshakable confidence, healthy self-esteem, and the ability to defeat bullies and resolve conflicts without fighting? We teach skills for peaceful reconciliation and all of the strategies a child needs to cope with challenging peer environments.


Safety Skills for Life

Sometimes self-defense is having a fire plan, sometimes it's looking both ways before you cross the street, and sometimes self-defense is being able to say no to negative influences. We teach our students the importance of maintaining safe habits in all aspects of life.
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