Are you looking for a combative, no nonsense martial art that will make you street effective in a minimal amount of time? Looking for something that is less impactful on your body and can be efficiently and effectively utilized regardless of your age, size, sex or even physical condition?

Do you want to feel truly confident in precarious situations that you can take care of yourself?

Then our Kali Silat program is for you. No need to climb to the mountains of Indonesia or trek through the Jungles and mean streets of the Philippines—our World Class instructors have trained and lived in Southeast Asia and will unselfishly share with YOU the SECRETS of these esoteric arts in a safe and controlled environment.

Are you interested in real world self defense grappling that puts you in advantageous positions, poised, “locked and loaded” and ready for the next attacker?-- WARNING! This IS NOT SPORT--- we have other programs for you or can refer you to great schools in the area if that is what you are looking for…

FIT martial arts Raving Testimonial:

The skills I’ve learned (at FIT Martial Arts) are phenomenal! I no longer feel like I am an easy target…I can look at someone in the eye and say, “I can take you…” I feel more confident that I can protect myself—and as a woman, that is very important.

Joanna Cassidy
18 y.o. Temple University Student

Our Kali Silat program is a mixture of several Southeast Asian Disciplines:

1) Kali-Eskrima

2) Penjak Silat

3) Muay Thai

1) Kali-Eskrima (Philippines)- is a weapons based martial art (edged and impact) that, unlike other arts that teach you the weapons last, weapons are actually taught first. This gives you an immediate advantage over an attacker.

You will be amazed at how quickly you develop your

a) hand to eye coordination
b) speed
c) fluidity of technique
d) balance and control

In addition, your sense of distance and range will dramatically improve and your timing and accuracy will be spot on. How would you like to have “Catlike” reflexes almost overnight?!!

—this is a great art to cross train in for anyone involved in any athletic endeavor---or anyone that feels uncoordinated and wants to gain a sense of rhythm. Kali-Eskrima is perfect for those who want to see noticeable improvement of the above attributes in the shortest possible amount of time!
FIT martial arts
Fit martial arts Raving Testimonial:

The workout is varied and exciting. All three arts are included in each class which creates a great blend of self defense, sport and tradition. The instructors obviously have tremendous skills in their arts and it's impressive to watch them perform!

Tom Connors
46 y.o. Software Engineer

2) Penjak Silat (Indonesia) —An art that originates from West Java that is a complete Martial System dealing with Striking, Joint Manipulation, grappling and weaponry particularly with the feared Kerambit and Kris. Our style specializes in the ripping, tearing and ground movements of “Harimau” (Tiger) as well as “Bela Diri” (Combat Self-Defense). You will learn how to protect you and your family with these ancient Malay Warrior techniques Again this is NOT SPORT, the ground game changes exponentially to your advantage once you know these concepts and principals!
FIT martial arts
FIT martial arts Raving Testimonial:

“They show us real world applications and make sure that all of us understand the purpose of every technique that they show… These guys are the Real Deal and I extremely proud to be a student at FIT Martial Arts!”

Daryl Stevenson
44 y.o.
Philadelphia, PA

3) Muay Thai/Muay Boran (Thailand)
The third component of our Kali Silat program originates from Thailand. Known for it’s brutally punishing striking power which includes judiciously using elbows, knees, stand up grappling, punching—and of course the undeniably most powerful kicking techniques in the world! Muay Thai is so effective both in the ring as well as the street that professional mixed martial arts/UFC Fighters all over the world are scrambling to find qualified instructors.

Simple and easy to learn— in a very short time you will:

1)  Develop Devastating Elbows and Piercing, gut busting kness
2)  Clinch work that will humble the fastest and flashiest puncher.
3)  Be amazed at the crushing power you develop with correct form and technique.
4)  Learn how to use your elbows like “cutting” tools and sledgehammers!
5)  You will understand how to use your entire body as a weapon!
FIT martial arts
Testimonial:  “ Easy to learn, practical and effective…”

“The Southeast Asian martial arts blend beautifully, and the FIT method takes the best of everything and creates a system that is easy to learn, practical, and effective. What I appreciate best is the flexibility of the system which allows for individuality and adaptability".

The emphasis on application separates the FIT method from traditional systems. Almost everyday, "light bulbs" go on. After a 15 year hiatus from martial arts my enthusiasm has been revived .

Michael Yee, M.D.


No experience is necessary!!!

Remember, these arts were created to develop Warriors to be battle ready in the shortest period of time. Villages under constant attack did not have time for their Warriors to spend 3 or 4 years of training before being effective enough to thwart off oncoming invaders! Again, regardless of your level of ability, conditioning or experience our—Kali Silat program will get you good—FAST GUARANTEED!

You will also learn:

  • How to evade attacks with effortless movement
  • Counterstrike your opponents movement with blinding speed
  • Learn the “Defanging the snake” principal which will leave your opponent’s attacks virtually useless!
  • Art to application: Discover the meaning behind the forms.
  • How to counter the venerable Thai Clinch.
  • Understanding the link and transitions between the Stick, knife and empty hand movements.
  • How to use improvised weaponry with everyday objects such as an umbrella, a rolled up newspaper, a scarf or even a simple bottlecap!
  • Know the most advantageous position to be in when confronted.
  • Learn simple, easy to learn leverage techniques that off balance even the largest and strongest of attackers.


Don’t wait!!! Classes are filling fast!

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